It can be pretty scary to think about what’s out there in the world after high school. But it can also be fun finding out. Lighthouse Guild’s Teen Transition Program can help pave the way. Our services for students ages 14 to 21 ease the shift from high school to college or to work.

Throughout the school year, the Youth Transition Program meets every Saturday and offers guidance, counseling, vocational and recreational services to students from all across NYC. Students learn important skills for long term success, while also making friends, having fun, being creative and staying active.

The program runs from October through May every year, and is open first to students from New York City, then to students from surrounding areas.  Enrollment begins in September and requires an application. Transportation is available from the boroughs of Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Call 646-874-8322 or email us to discuss transportation options for New York City residents.

It’s a good experience to hang out with other kids around your age and to also learn some valuable lessons. You never know what opportunities can come out of this program.

Ilianna, student
Iliana, student

Chart your path to college or career

We offer:

  • Orientation and mobility to help you get around independently
  • Rehabilitation training: have fun with other young people as you learn to cook, sew, and engage in other activities that help you become an independent adult
  • Computer training and use of assistive technologies: learn to communicate and connect with your world
  • Social workers, who provide counseling and support
  • Career exploration and preparation: learn about careers that may be of interest to you, and what you need to do to train for them
  • Field trips: fun outings with others to promote community and cultural awareness
  • Training in the use of communication and recording devices that can be used in college classrooms, putting you in the best position to further your education
  • Physical education, creative arts, creative writing, drama, and yoga are all available to you

Now it’s time for you to go out and be independent and self-reliant. In the Youth Transition Program, we are arming students with the skills, strategies, and perspectives to begin doing that for themselves.

Jaydan Mitchell, Director of Youth Programs
Jaydan Mitchell, Youth Services Coordinator