Serving all of your vision care needs

Our Low Vision specialists assess your remaining vision and work with you to maximize your eyesight through the use of adaptive devices and exercises. Once they determine the level of your vision loss, they will connect you with our Optics for Low Vision services that have the tools you can use to improve your ability to read, work, socialize, and enjoy other activities.

Through our Optics for Low Vision services, you can have eyeglasses made on site, including specialty lenses for people with all types of vision problems. We offer one-stop shopping for all of your vision care needs.


Our opticians not only make eyeglasses, they are experts in low vision and can also connect you with magnifiers and other optical devices to help you see better.

When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

Your eyes change as you get older. Regular vision exams are just as important as your annual physical check-up. Call today to arrange for an eye exam or request an appointment below.