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* Executive Committee




Advisory Board

Lighthouse Guild is pleased to have a dedicated group of advisors sharing their expertise, providing strategic insights, and serving as ambassadors for our organization. 

Yolande Barnard 

Brodie Enoch

Dr. Sean Ianchulev

Dr. April Jasper

Dr. Talia Kaden

Catherine Lei

Dr. Andrea Lendaris

Scott Lieberman

Charles Lim

Christine Miller

Lauren Oplinger

Dr. Jai Parekh

Dr. Anurag Shrivastava

Peter Slack

Peter Slatin

Dr. Leejee Suh

Cynthia Tornallyay

Daria Zawadzki

Visionary Committee

A progressive group of early to mid-career leaders committed to supporting Lighthouse Guild’s mission and efforts. 

Mahamane Abarry 

Kurt Axl Santiago 

Josh Berger 

Mackenzie Caroline Brown 

Audrey Chen 

Matthew Cooper 

Dr. Skylar Covich

Jeremy Edelson, Chair 

Galyna Ganieva, Secretary 

Shelley Gitelson

Eric Glasser 

Leanne Honig

Hannah Katz 

Daniel Kramer

David Lefty 

Melissa Leifer Bartell, Treasurer  

Madeleine Minke 

Jeremy Morak, Vice Chair  

Latrel Mosso

Graham Rainsby 

Jeremy Reinman 

Rebecca Rosenberg 

Noam Schuldenrein

Executive Management