Lighthouse Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations.

Lighthouse Guild Overview

Lighthouse Guild divisions flowchart. To the left: Lighthouse Guild Vision & Health; Lighthouse Guild Behavioral Health; Lighthouse Guild GuildCare; Lighthouse Guild Health Center; Lighthouse Guild Rehabilitation. To the right: Lighthouse Guild Research & Technology.

Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Financial Report

LGI 2022 Audited Financial Statement*

LGI 2021 Audited Financial Statement*

LGI 2020 Audited Financial Statement*

990 Forms are available upon request, please send your request to

*If the electronic consolidated financial statements are generally made available to the public on our website, we will include a notification to the reader that such consolidated financial statements are presented for convenience and information purposes only, and while reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such information, they should not be relied on.  A copy of the printed consolidated financial statements will be provided on request. 


Lighthouse Guild is proud to be a Platinum Level Guide Starparticipant.